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What are the effects of exercise in our daily lives?

daily exerciseWe have commented many times that exercise is good for our health, because it helps us both physically and emotionally. But how does exercise help to improve our lives? How exercise is beneficial for us?

In here we tell you what are the effects of exercise in our daily lives, so you will not doubt that you should exercise from now on.

Weight control

To lose weight, it is best to exercise, because the best way to burn calories is physical activity. If you take every moment to move (washing the car, cleaning your house, walk to look for your children to school, etc.) you'll see how you stay well and lose weight.

Improve your appearance

If you exercise regularly burn fat and your figure will mold better as tone your muscles, so you'll have a more athletic appearance. In addition you will be better because you'll be happier and relaxed.

Improves the immune system

Cortisol is a hormone released during periods of prolonged stress (adrenaline and first occurs if the stress lasts much cortisol is released) which is a potent immunosuppressive, so that decreasing cortisol (to feel good about exercising) you can improve your immunity and better fight diseases that you face.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Exercising causes the release of chemicals such as endorphins, which reduce the effects of cortisol and adrenaline that occur in stressful situations, which increase blood pressure and respiratory rate and heart rate. If at least 30 minutes of daily exercise you will feel your stress and reduce feelings of anxiety and feel better.

Improve your overall health

If you exercise often increases the good cholesterol (HDL) circulating in your arteries, decrease your triglycerides and your weight (thereby reducing the risk of getting sick), you will decrease the risk of developing arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases.

Improve your sex life

Many sexual dysfunctions are related to psychological disorders of individuals, in addition to physical alterations, so if you exercise and you feel good physically and psychologically, your sex life will be much better.

You see, exercise has many health benefits, although it requires perseverance and motivation. Try it and see how you're going to take a taste for physical activity and how it changes your life.

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