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The soup as an aid to gastroenteritis

 chicken noodle soupThe gastroenteritis is an infection that affects the stomach and the intestine, usually causing vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. Most often it is a short box, although it is very annoying and often leaves us more sensitive for a few days.

The point is what we eat in those days. If you do not eat anything we feel weak and we have no desire to eat a lot or a stomach hold anything, so we turn to the soup to solve this problem. But making soup is right? What soup would it be? How long? When the soup is not effective?, That'll tell you below.

What is gastroenteritis?

First we have to talk about the pictures that affect our digestive system, to understand why the soup can help us. The most frequent and common is that they suffer a bacterial or viral infection that affects our stomach and intestines: gastroenteritis. This infection causes watery diarrhea, intestinal gas with many, moderate to severe abdominal cramps, stomach pains, fever, muscle aches, chills, headache, and nausea and vomiting. Also you may feel tired and weak, with a general malaise.

Gastroenteritis is a condition that lasts no more than 48 hours (if viral or bacterial), but require more days for your full recovery. Your immune system can take care of it if that helps with a high intake of fluids.

If you spend two days and start to improve, or you have not dried too much (because you have too much vomiting or diarrhea) you can control the box at home drinking plenty of fluids and eat soft foods like crackers, soups and rice cooked with broth skinless chicken. But if you feel really bad or worse you have to go to medical emergencies.

The soup

The soup is a good alternative for gastro enteric pictures, because it offers more than a full meal: it is a good source of nutrition and provides liquid. The soup contains small amounts of fat, which gives you energy. It also provides potassium, among other nutrients that are lost in large numbers with vomiting and watery diarrhea.

When making soup?

The soup is helpful, but only when the vomiting has decreased and your stomach can tolerate. You should avoid spicy soups, tomato-based beef, because you can hurt the stomach. Ideally, chicken soup, a very smooth soup, you consume along with plenty of fluid and electrolyte drinks to provide.

The soups, like chicken noodle, can provide up to 25% of the daily need of vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A helps fight viruses and vitamin C boosts immunity, so you can fight disease and recover as quickly as possible.

When not help the soup?

If you have much soup vomiting will not help you until the controls (you have to go to the doctor for help). If you have severe abdominal pain does not improve within 48 hours, you have a fever over 40 degrees Celsius and vomiting or bloody diarrhea, and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Then there are things we can do if we suffer a mild gastroenteritis, but we must be careful not to allow ourselves to be and that dehydration is caused by vomiting and diarrhea can put our health at great risk, being able to cause death quickly.

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