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15 Ways to Healthy Living

These days you hear for many deadly diseases. Your loved ones are in danger, and even yourself. Mortality rate has taken a sharp turn due to diseases like cancer, AIDS, heart disease is the most common and many others. This is not to scare, but 90% of lung cancer and other diseases are caused due to smoking may also be a liability, according to the American Lung Association. Keeping your family and yourself risk-free is a duty owed to her health.

Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Saying no to the use of snuff

Smoking not only causes lung cancer, but is also directly related to heart disease. A smoker not only risks his / her life, but also adds to environmental pollution endangering the lives of others. You can also add a complicating pregnancy and low birth weight.

2. Monitor your fat level

Obesity can cause a number of problems including insulin resistance, adult onset diabetes, a heart attack and cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, cancer, and back pain.Decreasing your weight is very important for life healthy. severe diet is not recommended by qualified and experienced doctors should begin with 5 to 10% reduction in body fat, such as excessive dieting has its own side effects.

3. Check your cholesterol and blood pressure

Cholesterol and blood pressure are the main indicators of heart disease. Monitoring can be kept away from the risks of heart disease.

4. Restrict intake of caffeine

Caffeine can be activated at the moment, but eventually the momentum increases to reach the same level so it is highly addictive. It is also responsible for increasing pressure that is concerned. It also increases stomach acidity, hypertension, high blood pressure, palpitations, ulcers and the list goes on. Replace your caffeinated beverage with natural juices and water in abundance to really show off your energy levels.

5. Say no to alcohol

Over 100,000 people die in America each year by the excessive consumption of alcohol. In addition to die from traffic accidents, alcohol consumption, excessive alcohol use on the other hand can also cause liver cirrhosis, cancer and heart disease. It may also be responsible for causing malnutrition, sexual dysfunction, and high blood pressure.

6. Exercise

You should exercise at least 15 minutes, especially in the morning. Breathing fresh air high in oxygen is very important for a healthy life. Exercise improves your health, increase metabolism and make your muscles flexible and strong. It makes you feel more energetic and useful to the world.

7. Lifting weights and light cardio twice a week is a plus

Light cardio and lifting weights and add muscle tone aa-CONNECTOR much force on your body that forms a barrier against common diseases and strengthens your immune system.

8. Breathing fresh air

Leaving your office or home every two or three hours and inhale fresh air and healthy to keep cool and away from the inhalation of foul air for a long time.

9. Reduce stress

Stress is the number one enemy who is willing to entangle the time to sit down. So be happy and peaceful. Stress can increase the severity of health problems and hampers its ability to defend themselves.

10. Meditate

Relax and take a deep breath and meditation for at least 20 minutes a day to rejuvenate.

11. Sleep well

Sleep, according to their needs of body and awakening fresh. Make space for yourself, where you can rest properly. Turn the lights dim and make sure its away from the noise. Take good care of yourself.

12. Make life interesting for yourself

Find the good in everything and hope that things and events. Make adventurous life full of joy. Looking forward to the daily life getting out of bed.

13. Being surrounded by loved ones

Humans are social animals and do not like and tells them that are close friends.

14. Positive outlook

Studies show that in a positive way of life reduces stress, depression and many other mental disorders.

15. Helping people around you

Success does not always personal

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