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The milk plants and their benefits

The dairy milks are becoming more common as a substitute for cow's milk, for reasons of intolerance or preference. Many types of vegetable milks with which we have today, oat milk, soy milk, rice, almond and others.

They are milk lighter, it is digested better and can be eaten as is cow's milk consumed with cereal, cooked food.

The most basic way of preparing these milks is to soak the seeds between 10 and 24 hours, to soften, crush and filter. Cool and consumed.

Consider different types of vegetable milks:

Rice Milk: Purifying and suitable for coeliacs.

Chufa Milk: Nutritious and tasty, improves hypertension, diarrhea, and is well suited for cholesterol-free diets.

Soy milk: It has protein and B vitamins, lowers triglycerides and cholesterol. It has a protective effect against breast cancer.

Oat Milk: Oat milk is one of the most complete, promotes brain activity, is beneficial for the skin and provides a remedy to the fragility of the nails.

Hazelnut Milk: In very beneficial for health, prevent injury in the arteries and prevents the formation of blood clots. Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. However, with soy milk, is contributing the most calories.

Almond Milk: It is very useful to prevent osteoporosis and help control cholesterol. It is suitable for coeliacs.

I hope these guidelines will serve to choose the milk plant best suited to your diet. And you, you take milk and vegetables?

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