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Hair loss

Hair loss or alopecia may begin to manifest themselves in adolescence, but has a higher incidence in men after age 30. The causes are multiple, ranging from stress to an iron deficiency. Drugs, lasers and surgery are some solutions to stop hair loss.

What is it?
Hair loss is a natural process of human body can manifest as chronic or temporary, for example due to stress, in response to certain medical treatment or malnutrition. Their loss can begin to manifest itself with a small accumulation of hair in the bathroom after combing or washing your hair hair. Although can start falling into adolescence, from age 30 when 25% of men have fallen hair or alopecia.

Hair loss in medical terminology is called alopecia.

Signs and Symptoms

Hair loss has the following symptoms:

-Appearance of small areas (the size of a coin) no hair on his head.

Fall substantial hair-combing and washing the hair.
The progressive loss of hair, although less common, may also appear elsewhere in the body besides the head, as in eyelashes, eyebrows and beard.

How and why does it happen?

The main cause of hair loss is genetic. The passage of time and family history of baldness precipitate hair loss in men.

Besides hereditary, there are many causes of hair loss in men:

-Poor nutrition. A diet low in iron and protein can promote baldness. Hair also fall after following certain diets, shock, or if you suffer from diseases linked with eating disorders.

Drug-intake. Hair may fall if taken certain medications, such as those dealing with gout, arthritis, depression, heart problems and blood pressure.

-Aggressive treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy used to fight diseases like cancer.

-Some diseases such as diabetes and lupus, a disease of the skin and mucous membranes.

-The abuse of some chemicals to dye, curl or bleach the hair can damage hair or cause it to fall.

Capillary-infections such as ringworm, a parasite that is installed on the scalp.

-Emotional traumas.

Treatment and prevention
It is now possible to stop or slow the progression of hair loss due to multiple treatments, and replace lost hair through surgery with highly satisfactory results.
Topical lotions, minoxidil (a vasodilator drug)
-Description of treatment: liquid or foam that is applied directly to the affected area.

-Implementation of treatment: apply the lotion twice a day rubbing on the scalp.

-Effects and benefits of: its benefits include hair growth and delay hair loss and improving blood flow to the scalp. Regarding the side effects are distinguished fluid retention, cardiovascular effects and irritation of the scalp.

-Duration of treatment: if you experience minimal results within six months, your doctor may recommend discontinue use.

-Recommendations and issues for consideration in the pre-and post-treatment: Minoxidil is less effective when the performance area is extensive. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in men aged 18 to 41 years, especially in regions close to the crown area. Do not overuse the product.

-When is the recommended treatment: when there are early signs of fall.
Oral drug, finasteride (finasteride is a drug derived from non-hormonal anti-androgen steroids)
-Description of treatment: pill taken by prescription to treat male pattern baldness.

-Implementation of treatment: oral ingestion of a pill a day.

-Effects and benefits of: the adverse effects of finasteride include decreased libido and sexual dysfunction. The slowdown of hair loss and new hair growth are among the benefits.

-Duration of treatment: positive results may take several months to appear.

-Recommendations and aspects to consider in the pre-and post-to treat alopecia, especially alopecia, also called androgenic common.

-When treatment is recommended, when experiencing the first signs of fall.

-Contraindications: contraindicated in women treatment.

Corticosteroids (injected or taken orally or topically)
-Description of treatment: injections of cortisone into the scalp to treat alopecia areata, hair loss that occurs in plates.

-Implementation of treatment: treatment with injections may be repeated once a month.

-Effects and benefits of: slowing hair loss, and some cases present some new hair growth. There are very few side effects to these injections. Sometimes some small grooves appear on the site of injections that resolved spontaneously.

-Duration of treatment but positive results may take several months, starting four weeks after injection; the hair begins to show signs of renewal.

-Recommendations and issues for consideration in the pre-and post-treatment: topical corticosteroids can also be used, but may be less effective than injections.

-In which cases is especially useful: when prescription.

Anthralin Cream.

-Description of treatment: Anthralin is a synthetic substance similar to tar, which has been used extensively for psoriasis.

-Implementation of treatment: usually, Anthralin is applied in the areas of alopecia for half an hour or an hour, once a day.

-Effects and benefits of: may cause moderate skin irritation and a slight pigmentation.
-Duration of treatment should be applied daily for 12 weeks for new hair appears.

-Recommendations and issues for consideration in the pre-and after-treatment must be applied carefully and avoid eye area as it can irritate them. It is advisable to wash hands thoroughly after application. Normally, this drug is used to treat psoriasis, but doctors can prescribe it for other skin disorders care.

-When is the recommended treatment: When the counter.

The laser
The low level laser is another alternative to stimulate hair growth. This method requires several sessions that may prolong treatment up to six months.

-Description of treatment: the main method of surgery is follicular unit transplantation. Its most important objective is to efficiently use existing hair to cover areas that have been deprived of it. Hair transplants today are highly evolved and provide satisfactory results.

-Implementation of treatment: micro-incisions are performed in shallow (3-4 mm) with a punch (punch) very thin along the hair shaft. This cut allows isolating the follicular unit, and then removing it with tweezers. Small wounds heal quickly and are almost invisible.
As follicular units are extracted, sorted and placed on plates with physiological saline at 4 ° to retain them until the time of implantation.

For this a thin needle is used to create micro-incisions, which automate the incision, placement in a single time.

The follicular units are placed at angles and consistent way to achieve a natural result.

This treatment is done in the operating room and outpatient surgery.

-Effects and benefits of: after 10 days, the patient can lead a normal life.

-Recommendations and issues for consideration in the pre-and post-treatment:

• The specialist will examine whether patient expectations are realistic and if you have enough donor area to repopulate the area that is lacking. Also ask for a complete analysis.

• The patient should periodically wet the recipient with saline solution once I get home after surgery.

• To reduce crusting, 24 hours after surgery and may be washed with a special shampoo for a week.

• An ice-inflammatory and help to calm inflammation.


Using a hat or cap can cause alopecia?

Some men think that wearing a hat and keep the scalp to breathe. They are wrong. The hair follicles receive oxygen from the blood, not air.

Are recommended massage on the scalp?

As in other parts of the body, scalp also gets many benefits of massage, an ancient technique that has proven effective in the prevention and relief of many everyday health problems.
The main effect of massage on the hair is the activation of blood circulation, allowing for optimal irrigation of the scalp increasing oxygenation and ensuring the necessary supply of nutrients to the follicles.

Hair loss, do you hide any health problems?

Fortunately, in most cases, hair loss does not signal a medical problem. In addition, it poses no risk falling health.

Expert opinion
The hair on the human body goes through a cycle of growth and rest. The hair growth phase, known as anagen, lasts approximately two to three years. During this time, hair grows an inch every month.

Prevention can help stop hair loss and ensure healthy hair. We therefore advise:

Maintaining a nutritionally balance diet.

-Combed smoothly without jerking.
-Whenever possible, allow to dry wet hair avoiding outdoor electric dryers.
-Minimize the use of chemicals to the hair.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and minimize the use of chemicals to help prevent hair fall.

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