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Get a swimmer’s abdomen

These exercises and stretches combine the best of strength and flexibility. Besides checking your six-pack, will help you improve your performance. Oussama Mellouli Word.

Ous Mellouli We have put together a world champion who won a swimming gold medal in the category of 1,500 freestyle at the Beijing Olympic Games with Scott Cole, fitness coach internationally renowned martial artist and friend of the athlete . Both have partnered to create a program to work the muscles of the trunk and get more strength, flexibility and energy. In MH we have to give us exclusive deletions. Do we throw into the pool?

The bridge pairs at 45 degrees

Ask a colleague to help you. This is an ideal exercise to enhance muscle control throughout the body. Lie on your back, lift your legs and tell your colleague that you hold the feet. As if you were to make a bridge but keep their feet on the floor, contract the abdomen, hip up until I left at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. Hold the position and breathe, then just lean on one leg, if you want. With a slow, switch legs. Try to swing the body as possible.

Lower body abs legs straight

The key here is to cross the ankles and knees open from working the hip flexors, and lift the hips and legs slowly flexing the lower rectus abdominus. Hold onto your neck gently. You can keep your head up to work the upper abs too. The legs form a right angle with your torso throughout the exercise. Keep your concentration and raise the hips off the floor, hold the position momentarily, then lower slowly. Breathe out when lifting the hip and inspires slowly back down.

Position the diamond

With your feet together and knees apart, sit down, stretching his head to bring the crown into the sky, while you connect with the part of the pelvis that touches the ground, visualizing and feeling the energy that communicates with the soil and amounts from within. Slowly lean forward to stretch the back and the adductors.

The snake that crawls

This movement of tai chi is great for improving flexibility and balance asymmetrical. It begins with a traditional plie, feet outward, and ends up leaning on both legs at 50%, to make a point of strength and flexibility assessment. He then goes to a position 70% -30%, with most weight on the rear leg.

The bicycle

With your hands behind your head and fingers relaxed, loosen the body and pedal slowly, bringing the elbow towards the opposite knee. Inhale as you start moving in and out to bring the elbow to the knee. Remember, the closer you feet off the ground, the more intense the movement. Keep your concentration, do work the muscles and prevents harness inertia.

The table

With feet pointing outward, bend your knees; put your hands on your thighs, fingers on the inside of the muscles. Pull your abdomen and puts the body forward, letting gravity pull the body towards the ground and facilitate the stretch. Take a deep breath, pressing on the legs to open, extend and unlock. The column will stretch from the neck, thoracic, lumbar, and hip adductors.

The charges

With the hip in contact with the ground and the abdomen on, start leaning on the elbows and the chest is rising slowly. The charges should never be in a hurry, you have to pamper it. Moving to rest your hands, keep your elbows bent until you feel free to stretch to the max. Never use momentum to this stretch, or for any other.

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