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Pilates exercises to reduce stomach, hips and legs

In addition to caring for the health of our skeletal system and helps you relax , Pilates helps to improve our figure. Their different positions or movements can we reduce abdomen, hips and legs. Know the most effective Pilates exercises to hone your body:

"The Mermaid" to mobilize the hips and arms

This exercise is to stretch the muscles in your sides and arms, while contracting the muscles of the hips. Notes:

Put on your knees with your back straight and abdomen tight. Take your hands up above his head.
Take a deep breath and as you exhale, tilt the pelvis to the right until you feel on that side. Keep the trunk and arms formed a "C". Return slowly to starting position.
Lean your body toward the opposite side switches arms and makes sense also of the whole exercise.
Linking to force their hands when they are above your head, you control the movement. Also can help yourself to a ball for stability.
Repeat three times on each side.

"The Swan", strengthens the back and stretches the abdominal muscles

In addition to gain strength in the abdominal area, neck and lower back this movement will help correct the curvature of the back.
Lie face down on a mat (or towel), leaving the legs fully extended. Place your hands on the sides of the shoulders well supported palms. Inhale deeply; raise the trunk by pressing your pelvis off the floor and no hips.
Take a deep breath and re-support the body on the floor starting with the abdomen and ending in the head.
Repeat 4 times. while longer notes as your muscles.
Of course, if you feel discomfort in your lower back is better to leave this exercise when you have further strengthened the area.

"Scissors", move the legs and activates the heart

The following exercises will help improve your circulation, prevent fluid retention, combat cellulite and keep your legs and heart strong and toned:
Lie down and place a folded towel under your lower back. Raise your legs at an angle of 90 ° to the trunk.
Keep one leg up and down the other leg, but always bringing it up just where you keep all your back against the floor. Back up slowly and repeat 10 times.
The "tip" most important for this exercise is not to force the neck to move the legs, should only focus on the abdomen.

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