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Dermatology Glossary

Dermatology Adipocyte: a cell that stores fat, and lots of fat.

Collagen: Fibrous protein structure that supports most tissues. The strength and elasticity of the skin depends on the collagen and its degradation leads to wrinkles.

Follicular density: is the number of follicles present in a given area.

Ecchymosis: purplish skin becomes transitional post-acute trauma. Popularly known as "bruise."

Hair Growth Phase: Each stage in which hairs grow. Hair growth has three phases: anagen or active growth, catagen or involution of the deep segment of the hair and telogen or resting.

Solar Filter: topical preparations that attenuate the ultraviolet radiation before it enters the skin by reflecting or absorbing it.

Hair Follicle: skin deep cavity where each hair is born.

Lentigo, solar, dark brown spots and brown tones produced by the sun variables that can appear on all sun-exposed areas.

Melanin: pigment produced by melanocytes responsible for giving color to the skin and hair. Is responsible for absorbing light energy.

Protrusion: action and effect of bulge.

Bulges: such a part or organ: Move forward, protrude from its normal limits, naturally or pathological.

Actinic keratosis: scaly red patches of solar potentially malignant.

Syringoma: tumor derived from sweat glands that appear frequently in the eyelids.

Adipose tissue (sub cutis or subcutaneous tissue) layer composed of adipocytes arranged in lobules separated by trabeculae of connective tissue located beneath the dermis. Buffer against trauma, provides a thermal barrier and shapes the body contour. In addition it is now considered an endocrine organ.

Telangiectasias: small dilated blood vessels that are in the skin as lines or "cobwebs". The most common sites are cheeks, nostrils and thighs.

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