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Polycystic ovary syndrome

It is one of the evils that affect women of childbearing age and which results in hormonal changes, insulin, blood and fertility. This is the polycystic ovary syndrome.
It is unclear what causes this syndrome, but it is known that women with relatives who have suffered are more likely to suffer. What is known is that a person has high levels of the hormone called androgen male. When these hormones are super produce, cause obesity in women, excessive hair growth and irregular menses.

When suffering from polycystic ovary, the egg must ripen and fall down the fallopian tube does not and is filled with fluid, becoming a cyst and adhering to the ovary. When many eggs develop into cysts, this is called polycystic disease.
As ovulation does not begin, the hormone progesterone is not made and without it, you alter the menstrual cycle, which can affect fertility and adequate production of hormones.

The doctor examined with ultrasound the ovaries and endometrium, and treatment will control it. Usually they prescribe contraceptives contain hormones that help regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce other symptoms, acne, and reduce male hormones.
The absence of ovulation cause infertility, so we have to track to start treatment for fertility and altered insulin levels by hormones.

But sufferers can alleviate this evil, maintaining a healthy weight, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will help. This will help lower glucose levels in the body and restore the period. It will also help the body use insulin efficiently.

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