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Wrinkles and Furrows

There are different techniques and products to fill facial wrinkles. Used for both men and women, without any need for allergy testing, discomfort or bruising.

High quality products and trajectory used for wrinkles, scars and fill the face and lips.

Products such as Restylane, PS35, Xiloxanos, NewFill, Fill Fix, Dermalive, methacrylate, Zyderm and Zyplast, Hylaform, hyaluronic acid and Biopolymers.

Great way to achieve the filling of wrinkles, cheeks, lips, grooves and model.

No cause allergies and are ideal for those who demand immediate results without discomfort or contraindications.

One application is sufficient in most cases to erase these imperfections of the face permanently.

We also present here, in Argentina, this revolutionary non-surgical method for eliminating from the first to the deepest of facial wrinkles.

This technique consists of introducing exactly the area to try a small amount of product that acts locally, achieving visible results in permanent form.

The patient in a query will see the desired result without the intervention of bandages, bruises and allergy problems.

There are different techniques and products for facial care that are used by both men and women of all ages with immediate, effective and sustainable.

These products do not require allergy testing or irritate the skin and only use products certified by the FDA (USA).

A comprehensive range allows the correction of lines, wrinkles, folds and furrows.

They are the best non-surgical alternative to remove all wrinkles.

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